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                                      Chub                    Mixed bag                  Roach Dace Lamprey
                  Carp browsing              Carp browsing 2               Grayling                            Pike                           Roach browsing                                                                                                                                                                 
                   Pike & trout                  Roach flood                      Carp & Roach                 Grayling 2                       First Barbel
                    Bream               Small Barbel                  A nice double                   Grayling 3                      Good Roach
              Avon Dace
                         Tiger Trout                Avon Dace                       Carp feeding                     Carp cruising                Brook Lamprey
                            Crayfish                           Perch                          Perch 2                                Chub                          Trout
                             Diving Ducks                 Chub Hole                            Big Chub                   Spooked Chub           Roach and Grayling
                         Luncheon meat               Roach and Chub            Chub Feeding              Lady of the stream                      Mixed Bag


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